Can you be phished?

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Simulate realistic phishing attacks with the help of ethical phishers, and strengthen your organisation’s defences

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One in four

employees is likely to click on a link in a phishing mail

600% increase

in phishing scams during the COVID pandemic

More than 2x increase

in phishing attempts in recent years

Over €20bn

in damages were caused by phishing in the last 3 years globally

Our service

Our continuous phishing simulations will bring you transparency on the real risk, and continuously train people to recognize threats.

The best protection against the threat of phishing is human.

Simulated phishing campaigns

  • Simulate real phishing attacks on your organisation
  • Ethical phishers attempt to phish members of your organisation and are rewarded by our bounty system
  • Campaigns are unique and tailored to your organisation
  • Continuous training and transparency on phishing vulnerability
  • Guaranteed safety and privacy protection

Humans are the weakest link

Most people think that cyber security software, firewalls or email server filters are sufficient to keep out hackers. Many studies show however that humans are almost always the weakest link in the organisation’s defence, and that software alone will not keep the threat of social engineering attacks at bay. Software provides a barrier, but phishing mails still find their way into our mail inbox, and hundreds of thousands phishing websites are still out there. All it really takes then is one person making one mistake. The resulting financial or repetitional damage is usually considerable.

Is there someone in your organisation who might be tricked into signing in to a fake login page? Or to click on a link in a malicious email? Our philosophy is: don’t assume, test and address.

Can you be phished?

Test your organisation

Humans are the best protection

In most cases an attentive person can do a much better job in distinguishing a real mail from a phishing mail. If we know what to look out for, we can filter out just about all malicious content. We humans, not software, are the best kind defence against phishing attacks, and that is why we place the human factor central at OutKept.

A little help is welcome though. A one-off information campaign on phishing, or some online training is known to have a limited effect. To become great at recognizing the threats, regular exercise is advised. Our simulation campaigns with continuous feedback on phishing recognition performance, allow you to maintain a steady level of awareness. We help to keep the members of your organization on guard, without taking their time.

Can you be phished?

Test your organisation

About OutKept

Our mission is to stop phishing attacks from being successful, by focusing on the human factor in your cyber defence. OutKept was founded in the midst of a global pandemic abused by hackers to increase their social engineering attacks. In many countries phishing scams have already doubled or tripled in recent years, in 2020 we saw more than a six-fold increase. OutKept wants to empower people and organisations to resist this criminal trend. Our platform allows you to test your organisation’s phishing resilience and awareness, or in plain English: to test whether you and your colleagues would fall for phishing scams, and boost your phishing recognition skills. We create transparency and provide you with clear recommendations and a simple to implement solution to address your needs. Always without sacrificing privacy or security.

Simulate phishing attacks through the OutKept platform, collect key insights on your organisation’s phishing awareness and resilience, and address the challenge with us!

What makes our approach unique?

Impact of the simulation

Unlike our competitors, we do not just send you generic phishing mails. We offer campaigns that simulate well executed, real world phishing attacks. Our collaboration with ethical social engineers ensures we include the latest and most dangerous techniques in phishing, but always in a safe, controlled way. Through gamification our ethical social engineers earn bounties and build up a reputation when they generate and send out phishing mails via our platform.

Transparency and solution oriented

Our campaigns aim to create transparency on the vulnerability of your organisation to social engineering attacks. We generate reports that help you understand the main vulnerabilities, and guidance to address them. OutKept has also developed a proprietary anti-phishing plugin to empower and train members of your organisation in identifying social engineering attacks, boosting awareness.

Guaranteed privacy and data safety

By running the phishing campaigns via our platform, we can ensure that a phishing campaign in your company is not abused by real hackers for actual phishing attacks. We maintain control over mails and data exchanged between your organisation and the ethical hackers to secure the safety and privacy of all involved parties.

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